After 16 fucking awesome years, Free Radicals is closing!

First, some business stuff: If you have anything on layaway with us you have until the end of October to pay for it in full! Come November 1st, it all goes back out for sale.

If you have any gift cards, use them up!!

Now for the mushy shit.

This has been the hardest and most satisfying job we ever could have had.  We have seen customers grow up and grow old right along with us! We opened a shop on the theory that if you sold stuff you personally liked, and did it with passion, you’d succeed.  We are so proud and blessed!

None of this would have been possible without the overwhelming support of our friends and family.  This junky little shop managed to win or place in every Best of Burque (that had a clothing store category) since we opened. That is ONLY because of all of you guys.

Thanks for the cars, and the Derby, and the Burlesque, and the years of absolute joy

-Nan and John














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