I’m a True Believer

I watch boxing. Not religiously, but I enjoy and respect it.  ESPN’s boxing commentator is a guy named Teddy Atlas, who brings the aura of authenticity to their coverage – he’s everything you expect in a boxing analyst.  He has a droopy eye from a severed muscle (I believe), he slurs a little, he’s astute in his observations and predictions, and he’s honest about what he’s seeing.  So he’s kinda like Mickey from the Rocky series, and, in fact, he made his name as a trainer and still trains boxers from time to time.

One of Teddy Atlas’s favorite sayings is, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”  I googled it, and found that it seems to be a Maya Angelou quotation, and is a solid piece of advice.  Today I found myself thinking about it while I watched the primary results roll in, with Trump increasing his lead over the field in the Republican race for the nomination.  In the last month or so, Trump has talked about broadening libel laws so that he can silence dissenting newspapers and authorizing the use of torture, not just to try to gain information, but to punish terrorists.  When asked about the latter, he’s responded that the side that plays by the more restrictive rules is at a disadvantage.  He’s right about that, of course, but we’re not talking about a price war between rival gas stations at an intersection.  We’re talking about becoming terrorists (more so than we may already be) to fight terror. He discussed ordering the military to go after the families of terrorists, a clear breach of international law.  All under the mantra of, “Make America Great Again.”

I knew Donald Trump was a braggart, a boor, a loudmouth, a huckster and a con man before, but what I am learning from this election is who and what else he is.  I don’t like Ted Cruz any better, but for sheer audacity in taking us in the wrong direction as a people, he can’t compare to Trump.  I feel that Trump is telling us who he is, and we fail to believe him at our risk.


By the way, while I was writing this it occurred to me that Yoda might have just been a puppet version of Mickey from Rocky.  Your thoughts?

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