I’m not that interesting. Neither are you.

Been thinking about Twitter and other social networking devices lately, particularly as I’ve watched Myspace requests pile up in my inbox, and I’m kinda overwhelmed by apathy. I like people, and I find individual people’s stories compelling, but I rarely find individual people’s lives interesting on a day to day basis. I don’t really care what you had for breakfast, or whether or not you liked that movie that I’m not interested in. I’m sure you don’t care about my life on that level, either, and I’m sure we’re both the better for it. I completely don’t care what celebrities are doing, thinking, etc, and I’m repulsed by the amount of tv devoted to celebrity crap these days. I realize that all entertainment is distraction, that all of it is bread and circuses, but I swear there is a difference between Paris Hilton and Kevin Garnett. Kevin didn’t work to be tall, but everything else that he is famous for is the result of effort he expended. I respect that. I don’t respect people who were born rich, married rich, had a clown car’s worth of kids, etc. Again, objectively, my taste is certainly no better than other people’s, but from where I’m standing, so much of pop culture just sucks. And my life is certainly no more interesting than that of a useless celebrity. So why broadcast it? I guess I’m just saying: find your passion, pursue it whole-heartedly, but don’t expect that everyone around you will understand what you find interesting about it. And then we can all be friends, at a healthy distance. Here’s my example for this piece: Duke City Derby will hopefully resume its season within the next two months, our new skaters are struggling to overcome the experience edge the vets have, and I’m playing with the idea of trying to race the Frankenzombie Corpse-doba in Grants this summer. These things matter a great deal to me, and I could give tons more detail, but I suspect that most people who read this just skimmed the last sentence. Good decision. Go out and play now.


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