Dia de los Muertos

Another Day of the Dead has passed.  A visit to the graves, handling the touchstones that remind us of those passed.

I was raised in a culture very different than where I live now. I never connected to the way I was taught to deal with loss and death; never felt like there was a proper salve for the wound. Since moving to New Mexico I have embraced this particular sacred day.  It sits well with my heart.

I am blessed to be part of a community that has welcomed me and mine with open arms. A community that has never held me at arms length, punishing me for the color of my skin (or the lack of pigment therein). No one has squawked “Cultural Appropriation” and asked me to leave.

I love this place! The sunrises, the quite, the dusk, the food, the desert itself, but most of all I love that I found a place that is as welcoming and laid back as the place I left behind

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