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Holy Crap! Its a Free Radicals Spawn!

Good news, everybody! Here at Free Radicals, we’ve been spending some time in the laboratory cooking up some new experimental combinations. Most of them have been horrific failures (you should NEVER cross Ann Coulter’s DNA with …. anything?) After multiple failures and scenes that can’t be unseen, we’ve concocted a cocktail made in heaven! Free Radicals is excited to announce a partnership with sister store, Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet, in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada! A second location (especially in Las Vegas!) is the biggest damn thing to happen to Free Radicals since we moved across the street in 2007!

This rebel alliance will allow Vegas low-lifes some of the tasty Free Radicals swag that Albuquerque delinquents have been enjoying for over a decade. Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet is Las Vegas’ swingingest vintage resale boutique, and Free Radicals is Albuquerque’s premier and original lowbrow new clothing boutique. Together, we will bring fashion and bad ideas to the masses!

Burquenos, if you find yourself in Las Vegas any time soon, please drop in and say “hi” to Amber! She’s got a tremendous selection of swank Vegas vintage gear that you just can’t find locally. And if any Sin City denizens regain consciousness in Burque, come on by and let us show off the power of this fully operational Punk/Greaser/Pinup station!

Strange questions I get:

  1. “Do people shop here?” (nope. we are just for show)
  2. “Do a lot of people shop here?” (well, its no GAP…but we are still open so that implies some business)
  3. “Why haven’t I heard of this place?” (um, we’ve all been keeping it a secret from you!)


I love my customers. Sometimes, however, there are communication challenges. Here is a series of questions from a walk-in today:

“Is this a dress?” *while holding up a dress*

“What is this?” *While holding up a skirt?*

“Why don’t they have fishnet here like they have in Boston?” (I’ve spent some time in Boston. From what I have seen, fishnet is fishnet.)

“Do you guys buy these clothes from somewhere?” (As opposed to…?)

“What does stuff cost?” (shall I read every price tag in the place to you?)

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