Is it safe to use my credit card?

You bet! We not only use a super secure server to transfer funds but we also have a gang of blood thirsty zombies loitering about the store that we send to dispatch merciless justice to online thieves.  Word gets around.

I placed an order but the site said that my card was declined but my bank records show I was charged. Why?

If you make an order and your credit/debit card is declined for any reason other than insufficient funds the funds are “held” by your financial institution until the transaction in question is settled. Transactions are usually pending for a period of 3-5 business days (or whenever the credit card authorization batch is cleared). NOTE: Your billing information needs to match perfectly with your credit card billing address, or your payment will be flagged and more than likely declined. If your order has been flagged, we will attempt contact in order to resolve the issue, if it can be resolved. Please respond as quickly as possible in order to resolve this matter quickly, so that you order may be shipped as soon as possible.

What if an item I order is out of stock?

In short, you won’t get it.  In long, this shouldn’t happen.  We update our inventory daily, and items we don’t have shouldn’t appear on the website.  However, if this somehow happens, we’ll contact you and let you know when and if we can get one to you. If we can’t get another, we’ll refund the cost of that item.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, but only in person.  If you’re willing to haul your ass out to Albuquerque we’ll happily accept the returned item, as long as it’s not damaged and you have your receipt.  Albuquerque’s beautiful this time of year, too. We will do exchanges though, so if you want to do that just give us a call (505) 254-3764 and we will hammer out the details.

When will I get my order?

We ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and that’s as much control as we have.  We’ll get it out as soon as we can (and our zombies work surprisingly fast!); beyond that, all orders are shipped Priority Mail (except hair bleach).

Do you offer PunkPoints?

Fuck off!  PunkPoints?  Seriously? We aren’t in the business of telling you how cool you are on the basis of how much cash you drop with us, and nobody else should be either.  That’s  completely retarded.  Punk lives in your head, not your closet.


Everything we ship will go Post Office Priority Mail EXCEPT bleach! Hair bleach must be sent ground. Also, we are new at this shipping thing and if we have charged you way more than it actually turns out to cost we will refund some money back to you. Cause we rock like that.  


Crass Commercialism Since 2002!


Thanks for dropping by to peruse our little site. We are a greaser/political/punk store here in Duke City (Albuquerque) New Mexico, and we carry a goodly array of Stop Staring dresses, Lucky 13, Lip Service, Betty Page, Voodoo Vixens, Too Fast, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Felon, Sourpuss Clothing, Switchblade Stilleto, Paper Doll, Serious, Sigh Co., Plastik Wrap, Queen of Darkness, Shabby Apple, Heartbreaker Fashion,Living Dead Souls, Leg Avenue, Demonia, Pleaser, t shirts, tights (and tights, and tights…), hair dye, cosmetics, shoes, and so on and so forth. WHEW! That was a mouthful!


We’re located at 300 Yale Blvd, SE, on the SouthEast corner of Lead And Yale. Just look for the leopard print building! Feel free to call us at (505) 254-3764, or you can email us. We check email every day.

Other than the store, we are working hard to make things happen in our community! We belive that small businesses should all cooperate. Only by working together can we stand up against the chains like the dreaded HOT TOPIC!! We buy from small manufacturers and sell things as cheaply as we can.

We believe in making a living…NOT getting rich.

We also try to give back to the community by sponsoring shows, roller derby, local artists, etc.



If you are in the area, come on down and hang out!


White Christmas

So I’m flipping through the channels last night (Xmas eve) and today, and I keep getting stuck on PBS. Every time I flip past it, something catches my eye and makes me think “What the fuck was that?” And inevitably, what it is is white people doing stupid shit. In formal attire. This morning, it was two women performing some ridiculous dance wherein they were evidently not allowed to stand. So they just cavorted on the floor together, which kept inexpicably not turning into lesbian porn. And why would they roll around on the floor together if they’re not trying to either A) boink each other, or B) kill each other? Because it wasn’t impressive. I have a great deal of respect for dancers because they’re capable of doing astounding things with their bodies. But somersaults are not astounding. Nor is lying on your back or sitting on your ass. I can do all of those things right now, and I’m out of shape. Maybe there’s a symbollic element to the dance — they’re channelling lovebirds in a cage, unable to fly or some shit. But that’s more of an exercise than a performance, isn’t it? Atheletes need to stretch before they play, but we have the good sense to not televise it, because it sucks. And that’s my point: white people frequently try to pass off exercises that could help you perform better as performances. Great, you can roll around: now do that at the end of a tumbling pass in gymnastics, and I’ll watch. Quit doing vocal exercises (see: choirs and a capella ensembles) and fucking sing. Quit swaying and dance. Why do caucasians always sucker you? It’s goddamn embarrassing.

This is a test post

if this were a real post, it would be witty and clever.

but its a test post.

so all you get is snarky.



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