This is one thing I hate hate hate about our justice system. I just don’t understand what kind of sociopath can completely override any empathy or common sense and just go for the jugular on everyone. It’s like they’re legal zombies with no discretion, a serial killer probably feels more empathy for their victims…

I’m usually not such a lib-tard but I was railroaded by an overzealous prosecutor once in my life. Fortunately the judge threw out the case because he realized how ridiculous it was.

And this is what my problem is, in part, with conservatives.  This poster found that he could muster some empathy ONLY because he had once been in the shoes of the person in question.  That experience did not, apparently, in any way make him more empathic in other situations — in his owrds, he’s not usually such a lib-tard.  Modern conservatism strikes me constantly as an effort and excuse to write off everyone who seems “other” in any way, and to excuse oneself of any sense of obligation to the social contract as long as it works in your favor.  I’m so underwhelmed and disgusted by those who will not take the time and energy to try to consider things from another’s perspective, mostly because it isn’t all that hard.  With a little practice, you can do it almost sub-consciously.  But to ask for empathy and compassion when you’re on the shit end of the stick, or only be willing to extend those virtues to others who either feel like “same” or are in a bind that you personally have been in while at best dismissing the rest of the world and so often telling them to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, is reprehensible.  It’s immature, it’s lazy, it’s self-serving, and it’s not a motherfucking virtue. You are not a hero for being an asshole more often than those around you, you’re just a big asshole.

I’m not always on the liberal side of the argument, either, but let me tell you guys this: when I’m not, I’m nervous, and I think everyone should be.  Once you start arguing that your rights supersede the interests of society, you’re running the risk of being the asshole in the room.  It’s not always the wrong side of the argument to be on, not by any stretch, but just go with caution, okay?  You might just be, or become, the asshole in the room.  And that’s part of my problem with the modern conservative movement.

— John