Is it safe to use my credit card?

You bet! We not only use a super secure server to transfer funds but we also have a gang of blood thirsty zombies loitering about the store that we send to dispatch merciless justice to online thieves.  Word gets around.

I placed an order but the site said that my card was declined but my bank records show I was charged. Why?

If you make an order and your credit/debit card is declined for any reason other than insufficient funds the funds are “held” by your financial institution until the transaction in question is settled. Transactions are usually pending for a period of 3-5 business days (or whenever the credit card authorization batch is cleared). NOTE: Your billing information needs to match perfectly with your credit card billing address, or your payment will be flagged and more than likely declined. If your order has been flagged, we will attempt contact in order to resolve the issue, if it can be resolved. Please respond as quickly as possible in order to resolve this matter quickly, so that you order may be shipped as soon as possible.

What if an item I order is out of stock?

In short, you won’t get it.  In long, this shouldn’t happen.  We update our inventory daily, and items we don’t have shouldn’t appear on the website.  However, if this somehow happens, we’ll contact you and let you know when and if we can get one to you. If we can’t get another, we’ll refund the cost of that item.

Do you accept returns?

Sorry, No. As we are going out of business, All Sales Are Final

When will I get my order?

We ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and that’s as much control as we have.  We’ll get it out as soon as we can (and our zombies work surprisingly fast!); beyond that, all orders are shipped Priority Mail (except hair bleach).

Do you offer PunkPoints?

Fuck off!  PunkPoints?  Seriously? We aren’t in the business of telling you how cool you are on the basis of how much cash you drop with us, and nobody else should be either.  That’s fucking dumb.  Punk lives in your head, not your closet.


Everything we ship will go Post Office Priority Mail EXCEPT bleach! Hair bleach must be sent ground. Also, we are new at this shipping thing and if we have charged you way more than it actually turns out to cost we will refund some money back to you. Cause we rock like that.

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